Art Events

Art Event # 4

I went to the Photographic Museum of Arts naturally because I love photography. For one of my Art Events I wanted to re-explore what I thought to already be the known. But it’s surprising to see when you branch out and explore even your own art you can see so much more that what is on the surface. By observing and appreciating other people in the same art form that you love so much your able to feel inspiration and beauty, or at least I think so. By going to an art event like visiting a museum I was able to see countless amount of photographs from well renowned and ever new and upcoming artists like I saw in the Jury Youth Exhibition. This Exhibition was so compelling with various photographs from students K-12 about how they see family. I felt a truth in the photographs from a subjective position that was so raw and it made me think, wow the whole world should take treat taking pictures like photography like these kids did and explore the meaning behind different angles, compositions and thoughts. I think the young kids would have a way to express how they feel through a seemingly simple photograph like I feel the kids did in the Jury Youth Exhibition.

Vector Portrait by Tenessa Cavitt

Here is a Vector Portrait that I made for my graphic design class. All right reserved. Inspired by mythological designs and creative fantasy scenes. In my original design I wanted fairies and other mythological creatures I have seen. But then I started designing and I guess in this picture I designed myself as an Ice Queen for the holiday season. Merry Christmas 🙂




Here are my PDF Files




Good and Bad Page Layout

Below is an example of a bad page layout in my opinion. In my graphic design class we recently went over all the factors that make a good page layout and this page layout does not include those elements. I learned that you should only use 2-3 font choices when designing a page layout and this magazine cover has way too many. I think there is over 5 different fonts.

Also we have analyzed the color wheel and different way to combine colors in a way that is visually appealing. The colors that are used in this magazine cover don’t have any relationship to each other. I can see that there is yellow, orange, blue and purple being used in the text layout.

The layout is also to chaotic without a clear path for the reader to follow. I learned that when designing there needs to be a clear path for the reader to follow by using emphasis, font size and/or color. In this design there is too much text but without a clear direction of where to start and finish reading. The layout isn’t warm or cool which I think is what bothers me the most.

bad page layout without a clear path to follow while reading and too many font characters, colors and sizes.
bad page layout without a clear path to follow while reading and too many font characters, colors and sizes.

The page layout below is a good layout because it only uses 2 different fonts. One of the fonts is used in the actual logo which is a clear focus point in the upper left hand corner which is where westerners start reading from traditionally. There are nice soft lines that establish the grid that is being used which makes is easier visually to read and group everything on the page. There aren’t too many different colors and the photos in the slideshow compliment the red logo and font color. There is a very warm feeling to the layout with a very simple and sophisticated layout design.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 10.43.50 AM

Logo Attributes

Text Only

The logo below is a beautiful Text Only logo. I like how the letters extend the length of the logo design making it more captivating. I also really love the combination of cursive on top and the all caps subtitle at the bottom.



Image & Text Logo

I Love the simple image that makes up the shape of a camera which is directly related the to the type of business I’m running as well. While I now that the logo needs to work in black which I feel that this one would do I really like the choice of using two colors. I also really like how the top is in lowercase and the bottom is in all caps.



Image Logo

Of course I love Apple products and their logo has become an iconic image that we all know of which is why it can stand a lone without text. I love the simplicity of it and the fact that the business name means exactly what you see for their image logo. However, the took a creative spin on it by adding a bite out of the apple and I think that is why the logo stands out so much and is different and recognizable.


Image Prevalence

1. Why do you think the reproduction of image is so prevalent in the world today?

I think that the re-production of an image is so prevalent in the world today because of social media and everyones access and use of the internet. With faster internet speeds and ways to compress images without losing the quality as much as before, graphic designers are able to reproduce their images all over the web. We have created a whole new way of sharing images from facebook to instagram and we can view images instantaneously and in larger quantities at a time. When scrolling through my news feed I see so many reproductions of images that it has become a huge part of my life to see, enjoy and even re-produce images I see by sharing them on my own page.

2. What do you think this prevalence bodes for the future of graphic design and your place in it?

I feel that the many new ways to reproduce an image changes the future of graphic design not only with the color pallets we use when thinking of designing for the web versus print but also the way in which our graphic design is received. As graphic design artists we are no longer constricted to the cost of printing and the means to which we can share our print work with limited locations. Being a graphic designer in today’s world opens up a whole new array of options for sharing graphic design to millions of people all over the world. I think that graphic design has also taken on a stronger role in activism and sharing positivity. All those really popular positive quotes that are shared online include graphic design, whether or not it is good graphic design is another topic. However, there is this whole new creativity and purpose to graphic design with more ways to reach more people and get noticed as a designer.

Today is a good day to have a good day
Today is a good day to have a good day

3. Why do you think the John McCain drive for the presidency failed to use the Internet (or failed to use it effectively) as a means of communicating with voters?

I think that the John McCain drive for presidency failed as a means of communicating with voters because he wasn’t active enough online, especially on popular social media sites. After doing research I found that Obama posted 5 x’s as many videos as McCain and Tweeted much more than he did. The lack of posting on McCain’s part is the reason why he didn’t have a strong web presence which is in turn why it failed. I think that his campaign managers underestimated the power social media and an online presence has! Some say online that maybe McCain feared negative comments so he hid his comments on Myspace. In conclusion he may have felt that it was better to be inactive online for the fear of creating more critics, by saying the wrong thing in his frequent posts of videos.